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See? I’m Not The Only One Who Thinks So.

September 28, 2007

A few days ago, I pointed out the obvious- that John Stossel is an enormous douchebag. Well now I’ve found that I am not the only one who has noticed this.

Good show, sir, good show!


John Stossel- An Enormous Douchebag

September 19, 2007

Wow man, take a cigar. John Stossel, you sir are an asshole of the highest caliber. Just look at what some of your fans have written about you.

And make sure to watch the video at this link too. It’s hard to believe until you see it, but he actually uses America’s abominable murder statistics as a defense of his Free Market Is Always Better claptrap.

“Well of course Canadians live longer! They don’t murder each other as much. What’s that? You want hefty taxes on ammunition, strong investment in anti-poverty initiatives, or maybe a de-privatized prison system that focuses on rehabilitation instead of fruitless punitive measures? Go to Hell you commie bastard!”

Click here to see him on the receiving end of a literal Karmic bitchslap.


A School of Distinction

September 11, 2007

David Horowitz was on Hannity & Colmes to plug the paperback release of his book about those evil liberal professors who can’t get to sleep at night without saying a prayer to Marx, and while there he took the opportunity to call my school the very worst university in the United States. Well, not the science parts, just the icky, completely voluntary politically aware parts that teach students how to apply their knowledge to their communities in hope of improving society. Amazingly, Colmes remembered to put on his fightin’ underpants and got in Horowitz’s face about the whole thing. He didn’t make much of a substantive argument past pointing out that the classes are voluntary but the fact that he actually stuck to it was surprising. Maybe someday, if he works real hard and eats all his vegetables, he can manage to ask two pointed questions during an interview.

Until that happy day, it’s up to the rest of us to take up the slack. Did Horowitz actually speak to any UC Santa Cruz professors? Did he sit in on any of these classes as they were being taught? Does he think that it is wrong for Universities to teach their students how to apply their knowledge to the world around them? Does he understand the difference between learning about liberal philosophy and being indoctrinated? Does he have any evidence that students who write essays critical of their reading material are marked down for doing so? Does he think that there is anything wrong with students who are studying community activism to get hands on experience with the subject? If not, would he also agree that physics majors should stay out of the lab? Is there something particularly radical about being concerned that large and powerful economic interests may use their influence in a manner that is not healthy for the community? Is there anything wrong with students being exposed to ideas that are outside the American political mainstream?

Now I will be the first to repeat just how much I hated my Commie Lit class. It was at 8 AM, we had a pair of fucking phone books we had to read, my TA was an asshole who didn’t understand the material, and the essay topics were boring. But it wasn’t indoctrination. The prof said up front he didn’t expect to convert us, and that he wasn’t trying. He was just going to explain Communist doctrine to us and do some deep reading. We didn’t have to believe the stuff, we just had to understand it. That class was about the most radical thing I’ve taken so far at UCSC, and I haven’t heard any other students speak of anything worse.

But that doesn’t matter; the witch hunt has been started. If we’re lucky it will peter out before anyone gets burned at the stake.


Anticitizen Two

September 2, 2007

I feel that it is necessary to make something clear immeidately: this blog is not about Half-Life 2. The continuing adventures of Gordon Freeman are a topic I watch with rapt anticipation, but they are not what I am writing a blog about, no matter what this publication’s name might indicate. I have chosen the name Anticitizen Two primarily because it sounds cool. With time, some deeper symbolic meaning may present itself. Until then, rest assured that I simply thought the level “Anticitizen One” in Half-Life 2 was perhaps the best-named segment in a video game during 2004, perhaps even the entire decade, and I simply wished to pay homage to that brilliant turn of nomenclatural proficiency whilst simultaneously addressing the issues raised by my own lack of creativity in that regard.

With that unpleasantnesses out of the way, welcome. Let’s find out if I know what the fuck I’m doing.