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Birth of a Meme? Please?

February 3, 2009

I have introduced a new phrase to the Internet via real-world interaction. Go forth, and make “The Cave of Naked Boomers” a meme.

Oh yeah, and there’s also a Q&A with the writer of the recent BSG episode “The Oath” in there, too.


Well fucking FINALLY!

February 6, 2008

The Evangelion remake has started to migrate out of Japan. First stop…Korea? Seriously? I mean, I know they’re close and all, but I have to think that we have a higher nerd population over here.

Okay, on second thought, no, I’m not surprised. Any nation that will make Starcraft its national sport is definitely fertile ground for an anime debut.

In any case, ANN has Eva’s American release set as February 22. I won’t have to live with the shakes for much longer. Hooray!



December 9, 2007

Oh my. Oh my, oh my.

A slew of Japanese animation studios are working together with Bruce Timm to create a series of shorts about Batman to be released sometime next year.

The stories will fit within the Batman Begins continuity, but they will also be able to stand alone.

I think I will have to buy a gun, because after I see this, I will need to kill myself in order to assure that I die happy.


That’s Cthulhu.

December 5, 2007

Lyrics © 2000 by Terence Chua
(to the tune of “That’s Amore” by Harry Warren & Jack Brooks, as sung by Dean Martin)

When there’s blood in the sky
And the end times are nigh
That’s Cthulhu!

To consume us at last
In one final repast
Here’s Cthulhu!

    Oh what fun
    Cthulhu fhtagn
    Cthulhu fhtagn

    All will chant as he rises

    Sing with glee

    In our cultish disguises

When the seas start to boil
And there’s trouble and toil
Blame Cthulhu!

Serve the world on a bun
There’s just nowhere to run

Now the stars are aligned
There’s no time even for one last

Now he’s here – quake with fear
Make the way clear for the
Great Cthulhu!



November 20, 2007

Go here:

Download a hi-res version of the new Cloverfield trailer. Watch it. At 1:29 we get the clearest shot yet of the movie’s monster. Looks like some kind of spiky elbow, along with the back of a head ending in sort of Knuckles-the-Echinda dreadlocks.

Earlier in the trailer, at point 1:11, we can see the silhouettes of two soldiers in biohazard gear trying to restrain a young woman. Her shadow rapidly distends outwards all along the torso, and the shot cuts just become she presumably explodes. This seems to indicate there may be a plague element to the story as well. Or perhaps, if it really is a Cthulhu movie, one of the Old Ones has just decided to start making people pop. You know, for kicks.

The next couple of days are going to be a smörgåsbord of unfounded rumor and speculation. Game on!


The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

September 30, 2007

On the way back from a get-together a little get-together, one of my friends and I got into an argument. It started innocently enough. The conversation started when this friend mentioned that he has named his car, and from there it moved to the names of computers. The names featured were all impressively nerdly, and I began to feel as if I needed to step up and prove myself on this account, as I do not have a name for my computer. So I decided to name my Xbox 360 Kara Thrace, and said so.

Well my friend couldn’t let this challenge go unanswered. He informed me that he looked up some demonology on Wikipedia so that he could name his Pokemon after the demons of hell.

I countered with the revelation that I had just joined the campus D&D club. He parried easily by telling me that he is a former GM.

I had to withdraw and regroup. Someday I will beat him, I swear it.


BioWare, I Want to Have Your Babies!

September 11, 2007

In case anyone stopping by this blog is interested in reading a fascinating article on how BioWare writes its RPGs, head on over to It’s About… and read up. Very cool stuff for those of a certain bent.

I’ve wanted to work for BioWare for a long time, and at one point I was on the verge of applying to one of those fancy-dancy new video game collages that are springing up all over the place, but in the end decided against it. The games industry is insanely competitive, and it seemed like a wiser choice to develop broader skills as a writer that I could apply to a variety of career paths rather than get a super-specific degree in game art and design. I came to this conclusion after reading several profiles of rookie game developers and noticing that none of them had a specialized game design degree and that all of them came into game development from other fields. BioWare’s employment opportunity page supports this notion, as they look for previously proven writers in other fields to do the kind of work detailed in the article I liked to above, so I’m still fairly optimistic about working with them someday.