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Exit Counseling

February 28, 2008

I did my student loan exit counseling today.

Or, at least I tried to. I spent 40 minutes reading through their painful are-you-sure-you-understand-this-you-stupid-fuck tutorial and then I took their stupid little multiple choice quiz which included, no lie, a question that I got wrong because the answer was not “Graduated Repayment Plan” but something like “Federal Government Direct Loan Repayment Plan- Graduated” as if those are two different answers. Then I click on the submit quiz results and I get booted over to a page that says:

The Direct Loan Counseling services are temporarily unavailable right now. Please try again later.

Unavailable? I got 40 fuckin’ minutes of wasted time that say different, ass-munch! The services seemed pretty fucking available when I was wading through page after page of government sometimes-we-forget-to-include-the-verb instruction pages! Fuck off and die, shitheads!


Seen Around the Internet.

February 27, 2008

[21:32] GuttrMky: You know what would be awesome for Back to the Future 4?
[21:32] tgreatyoda: Not doing it?
[21:33] GuttrMky: They go into the future again, but find it to be an irradiated wasteland. They return to 1986 to spend their last days in their happiest time as the radiation posioning slowly eats away at their bone marrow.
[21:33] tgreatyoda: Lovely.
[21:33] GuttrMky: I know.
[21:34] GuttrMky: It’ll be the feel good movie of the year.
[21:34] tgreatyoda: Then you can do the reimagined Carebears.
[21:34] GuttrMky: Carebears: Raibes in Gumdrop Land.


Spoiler Alert!

February 27, 2008

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early


Paper #3 for my Theory of Authorship class

February 26, 2008

In Foucault’s “What is an Author?”, he summarizes his theory of what he calls the authorship function as having four distinct characteristics. The very first of these is that “the author function is linked to the juridical and institutional system that encompasses, determines, and articulates the universe of discourses.” He more fully explains this passage as the “penal appropriation,” and argues that authorial ownership is first appropriated on behalf of the writer by the relevant local judicial authorities- whether the writer wants it or not. The story that is related in Malcolm Gladwell’s “Something Borrowed” is a good case study for the practical implications of Foucault’s penal appropriation.

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Added to My To-Do List

February 24, 2008

My roommate- the stupid one- just came back from There Will Be Blood, bitching and moaning about how it was horrible and awful and completely devoid of plot or story. She said she and her boyfriend where sitting through the whole movie, looking at each other in disbelief, wondering how on Earth they were duped into paying money to watch such shit.

So now I have to rush right out and see it.


Great Moments in Procrastination

February 23, 2008

I woke up at the crack of 1 pm today, and realized that I had 9 pages worth of essay to write for two different classes. One will require that I read another essay I have yet to go over and then apply its ideas to a book that I hate, and the other will require that I find 5 sources to back up a stupid medieval travelogue I’m supposed to compose. It was off to the salt mines for me.

Then I realized- wait, it’s Saturday, not Sunday.

Fuck yeah! Team Fortress, here I come!


8 Most Bizarre Religions and Cults

February 20, 2008

This site is a great list, except it somehow managed to miss mentioning the death cult that launched three major holy wars against a neighboring revelation cult, which in turn currently trains thousands of its followers in suicide-centric warfare.