John Stossel- An Enormous Douchebag

September 19, 2007

Wow man, take a cigar. John Stossel, you sir are an asshole of the highest caliber. Just look at what some of your fans have written about you.

And make sure to watch the video at this link too. It’s hard to believe until you see it, but he actually uses America’s abominable murder statistics as a defense of his Free Market Is Always Better claptrap.

“Well of course Canadians live longer! They don’t murder each other as much. What’s that? You want hefty taxes on ammunition, strong investment in anti-poverty initiatives, or maybe a de-privatized prison system that focuses on rehabilitation instead of fruitless punitive measures? Go to Hell you commie bastard!”

Click here to see him on the receiving end of a literal Karmic bitchslap.



  1. John Stossel is one of the few network commentators that put the truth in front of the American People. If you had the common sense God gave a lemming, you would at least listen to what he says. Not very likely I’m afraid. Forget Karmic, you need a REAL Bitch Slap, ASAP.

    The National Harpoon

    • rickardo .. You need to stop smoking crack .. Stossel turned into a bitch after 9-11 .. basically he is a pansy .. WEAK

  2. Yay! My first flame! Thank you!

  3. […] The Only One Who Thinks So. September 28th, 2007 A few days ago, I pointed out the obvious- that John Stossel is an enormous douchebag. Well now I’ve found that I am not the only one who has noticed […]

  4. I am forced to watch this bastard named John Stossel in my Macroeconomics class and I am glad to see that there are other people that realize that he is an enormous douchebag. He is so biased I can’t believe they are trying to shove his sh!t down my throat at school.

  5. john stossle is one of the biggest assholes i have ever heard of. though in his book he makes a few valid points he still has shit for brains. he talk about “rich” kids being arrogant ignorant assholes. which i do agree with but he says it like he has a hard life. i doubt that fucking asshole has ever lived on the fucking street.

  6. I wish every one of Stossel’s asinine commentaries were followed by a rebuttal, but he just says his right wing piece and gets away with it.
    When he said “give me a break” over the idea that employees should actually have rights, and should not be at the whim of the employer to fire them capriciously, he made his statement based on his ideas of absolute freedom for businessmen.
    Would anyone in his right mind agree that an employer should be allowed to get decades of good work out of someone and then fire him a week before he qualifies for retirement, so that he then wouldn’t have to pay the employee’s retirement? If you agree with Stossel’s logic, that would be a perfectly legitimate exercise of your freedom as a businessman. An employee, when working for a company, gives up years of his life and the opportunity to work elsewhere instead and build a future.
    But of course no one gets to raise a point like this on Stossel’s stupid show, as he gets the last word.

  7. Is Stossel Rush Limbaugh’s little brother?

  8. Stossel is a real ass .This guy is really in left field .Maybe that slap wasn`t hard enough.Caught his show 5-9-09 never seen such bias reporting Makes Rushs rantings seem sane!

  9. John Stossel is an asshole

  10. John Stossel is a neo liberal scumbag who works for the corporate media and influences people to vote and act against their own interests. He actually tries to convince people that Big Government is the only thing that is exploiting the common citizen. We have Big Government for private, corporate free market interests not for the people. Most every elected official is nothing more than a corporate lobbyist. It’s all an illusion of democracy.

  11. John had the slow food guy on to promote the virtues of nutrition and fair pay to ALL the producers of those nutrients.
    John just blurted out his love of “Fast Food”, and left no time for debate or response.
    Ignoring completely the fact that fast food is produced by “Slave Labor” and funded by corporate welfare. When you pay a man less than a living wage, he must beg, borrow or steal, from you and me.
    When you eat fast food you steal. You neglect a man a fair wage, and you neglect your own health. Apparently John’s years of fast food have rotted this melon 😉

  12. I am a fan of John Stossel’s work. Having said that…I had the opportunity to meet him in person the other day. He is an elitist and a snob of the highest degree. He is very disrespectful and non-genuine. He is so non-genuine in person regarding the philosophies that he preaches on television that it causes me to question whether he actually believes what he says…I have lost all of my respect for him…

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