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Word of the Day

November 27, 2007

n. the act of imagining a person naked



November 20, 2007

Go here:

Download a hi-res version of the new Cloverfield trailer. Watch it. At 1:29 we get the clearest shot yet of the movie’s monster. Looks like some kind of spiky elbow, along with the back of a head ending in sort of Knuckles-the-Echinda dreadlocks.

Earlier in the trailer, at point 1:11, we can see the silhouettes of two soldiers in biohazard gear trying to restrain a young woman. Her shadow rapidly distends outwards all along the torso, and the shot cuts just become she presumably explodes. This seems to indicate there may be a plague element to the story as well. Or perhaps, if it really is a Cthulhu movie, one of the Old Ones has just decided to start making people pop. You know, for kicks.

The next couple of days are going to be a smörgåsbord of unfounded rumor and speculation. Game on!


Anticitizen Two

September 2, 2007

I feel that it is necessary to make something clear immeidately: this blog is not about Half-Life 2. The continuing adventures of Gordon Freeman are a topic I watch with rapt anticipation, but they are not what I am writing a blog about, no matter what this publication’s name might indicate. I have chosen the name Anticitizen Two primarily because it sounds cool. With time, some deeper symbolic meaning may present itself. Until then, rest assured that I simply thought the level “Anticitizen One” in Half-Life 2 was perhaps the best-named segment in a video game during 2004, perhaps even the entire decade, and I simply wished to pay homage to that brilliant turn of nomenclatural proficiency whilst simultaneously addressing the issues raised by my own lack of creativity in that regard.

With that unpleasantnesses out of the way, welcome. Let’s find out if I know what the fuck I’m doing.