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Grad Shool Application Anticipation

May 10, 2009

So on Monday the application committee will begin reviewing the prospective grad students and handing out recommendations which, in perfect bureaucratic symmetry, are considered both binding and mere suggestions, depending on which office you talk to. From what I gather, if the poli sci department recommends me for admission, I’m golden. And now I wait…

While I wait, there’s plenty to do, including figuring out how to trick myself into asking that cute girl in film class out. Why can’t I be free to hate the world and everyone in it in peace? Why must I keep developing crushes? And I’ve got to keep looking for a job. People are still hiring these days; the problem is that I’m always but one of hundreds begging for the job.

And then there’s all that other stuff. that stuff that is huge and important and life-altering that I cannot talk about here. Not yet, anyhow.


Arctic Doom!

December 20, 2008

It’s been snowing for 11 hours now. Most of the snow from the last storm had melted by late yesterday, but now there’s at least 5 inches on the ground outside my apartment. The temperature has been struggling to get above freezing for a week now, and it looks like we’ve got at least another week to go. Right now it’s maybe 16 or 17 degrees outside.

I was going to get together with Dad’s side of the family for Christmas, but he’s snowed in at his girlfriend’s place. A quick look at the radar maps confirms that he is indeed getting the shit kicked out of him.

I was amused by how much the local news was freaking out about the weather before, but another week of this and I might start getting concerned. As long as my electricity holds out, I’ll be fine. But if it fails I’m going to need to find someplace else to sleep for the duration of the storm.


Milestone, of sorts

June 22, 2008

So tonight I’m spending my first night in my first room in Portland, the first city I’ll live in after college. One of the owner’s dogs is here with me. His name is Amos, and he’s smaller than his brother Andy, who is kind of a jerk and pushes Amos around. I’m sleeping on an air mattress because I don’t have a real bed yet. Nor do I have a dresser, a book stand, or a job. Everything I own is spread out in the room around me, with the exception of my Xbox, which is already downstairs, waiting to be hooked to the TV. I want to buy a new laptop with the money my grandparents gave me for graduation, but I can’t do that until I see how much furnishing my room and getting a bike will cost me. Every time I go out for something, I get lost. I don’t understand the buses, and I don’t know where the trains go. This will fade in time. I already found a good place to grocery shop. Tomorrow, I will get a membership card for Hollywood Video. I will begin the job hunt, but who knows how well that can go on a Sunday? I will catch up on Battlestar Galactica. I hope to meet new friends soon. The antidepressants can only hold that back so long. I hope to find a girl, but then I thought I’d find one of those in Santa Cruz.


Cow-Free Bullshit

June 18, 2008

So I’m looking for a room in Portland, and one thing I keep running across is the frustrating tendency of some vegans or vegetarians to think that it is acceptable to screen their roomies by dietary habits. At least three promising listings have been ruined by this practice, and I’m starting to get pissed off. I suppose the silver lining is that this serves as a forewarning to avoid any nattering busybody assholes before I’m stuck living with them for at least a month. How is it any of their fucking business what I eat? Is this a common practice among vegetarians? If so, why? How is this even remotely appropriate? Oh yeah, I can smoke all the pot I want, but God forbid that I eat an animal that was dead before I ever met it!
Seriously, what the fuck?