Grad Shool Application Anticipation

May 10, 2009

So on Monday the application committee will begin reviewing the prospective grad students and handing out recommendations which, in perfect bureaucratic symmetry, are considered both binding and mere suggestions, depending on which office you talk to. From what I gather, if the poli sci department recommends me for admission, I’m golden. And now I wait…

While I wait, there’s plenty to do, including figuring out how to trick myself into asking that cute girl in film class out. Why can’t I be free to hate the world and everyone in it in peace? Why must I keep developing crushes? And I’ve got to keep looking for a job. People are still hiring these days; the problem is that I’m always but one of hundreds begging for the job.

And then there’s all that other stuff. that stuff that is huge and important and life-altering that I cannot talk about here. Not yet, anyhow.


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