Petition Whoring

April 14, 2008

So I signed a petition the other day, and then emailed it to a bunch of people I know. But the website I was doing it off of said “Sorry, but we’re not working right now, try back later.” So I did, three or four times. And it always said that it didn’t work. I ended up doing it manually, and it worked just fine that time.

This morning, I woke up to about a half dozen emails of people bitching me out for sending them the same thing 5 times. It seems that the website was telling me a vile lie, and that it worked just fine. Mostly, the people who wrote back to me about this were really rude about it, because I guess in their world, email glitches NEVER EVER HAPPEN. Unfortunately, I am not so lucky. I do not live in a magical world of rainbows and blowjobs where we are never forced to put up with the unpleasant. I live in a world where the Internet is just like everything else- it never quite works the way it is supposed to, and mature people just learn to live with it. What they don’t do, generally, is make snap judgments and assume the worst of the people who are trying to get them politically involved on important issues.

So fuck you all, go die in a fire.


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