Exit Counseling

February 28, 2008

I did my student loan exit counseling today.

Or, at least I tried to. I spent 40 minutes reading through their painful are-you-sure-you-understand-this-you-stupid-fuck tutorial and then I took their stupid little multiple choice quiz which included, no lie, a question that I got wrong because the answer was not “Graduated Repayment Plan” but something like “Federal Government Direct Loan Repayment Plan- Graduated” as if those are two different answers. Then I click on the submit quiz results and I get booted over to a page that says:

The Direct Loan Counseling services are temporarily unavailable right now. Please try again later.

Unavailable? I got 40 fuckin’ minutes of wasted time that say different, ass-munch! The services seemed pretty fucking available when I was wading through page after page of government sometimes-we-forget-to-include-the-verb instruction pages! Fuck off and die, shitheads!


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