Added to My To-Do List

February 24, 2008

My roommate- the stupid one- just came back from There Will Be Blood, bitching and moaning about how it was horrible and awful and completely devoid of plot or story. She said she and her boyfriend where sitting through the whole movie, looking at each other in disbelief, wondering how on Earth they were duped into paying money to watch such shit.

So now I have to rush right out and see it.



  1. You need to see it. The story itself isn’t the amazing part. The amazing part is the way so much of it is told through imagery without any dialog needed. I’m rooting for “No Country for Old Men” for best picture. But I will cry if “There Will Be Blood” doesn’t get best cinematography.

  2. That’s what I hear. Also, the lead performance is supposed to be knock-you-on-your-ass amazing.

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