Jack Thompson All But Admits A Personal Dislike of Gamers in General

December 31, 2007

EDIT: Jesus, I’m a fucking idiot. This all happened two years ago.

Every gamer’s favorite dickhole is up to his old tricks again. Come on and all to be amazed at Jack’s witheringly condescending dismissal of a polite British gamer’s helpful words of advice. See how his ugly and crude correspondence reveals the truth we’ve suspected all along:

Jack Thompson hates gamers.

It’s not violent games being inappropreately sold to minors that gets his goat, no, it’s the actual gamers he wants to demean and vilify. He hates all of us. He hates us on a visceral, unreasoning level.

According to Jack, if you play games, you don’t have ideas; it’s a contradiction in terms. The only people who think about games, apparently, are the people who only think bad things about games.

Now I think I disagree with the polite British gentleman (who goes by the name Plagiarize of all things) who posted this exchange. I am staunchly against any kind of legislation relating to the content of video games whatsoever. I’m all in favor of a voluntary ratings system combined with strong parental education efforts, perhaps even with an industry-generated code of conduct requiring stores to pledge not to sell M-rated games to minors if they want to be allowed to stock any ESRB-rated games at all, but no government.

But you see, it’s okay for me and him to disagree on this. In fact, it’s probably healthy that gamers have such a wide spread of opinions. And if there really was a healthy exchange of debate on this topic within the gamer community, then gamers like Plagiarize would have a valuable contribution to make. But there is no such healthy debate in gamerland, and much of the blame for that rightly lands at Jack Thompson’s feet.

Because he doesn’t want a debate. He wants a pogrom.


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