Be Careful What You Wish For, They Might Ram it Up Your Ass.

October 4, 2007

So I was very concerned that I would not be allowed to write this fantasy novel that’s been monopolizing my daydreams for most of the past three years for class. I was concerned that it wasn’t Literary Enough, and that I would be required to write just straight fiction for my project. The problem with that would be that I’ve got an idea for a straight fiction book, but I suffer from a distinct lack of damn about this story, and without one, I cannot give one. (You see what I did there? Very clever, if I do say so myself)

In the last couple days, it has become clear that I will be allowed to deviate as far away from reality as I want to for my senior project. Hooray!

But now I have to actually write the fucking thing. And this is where a new problem presents itself. I have a fuzzy goal of 100,000 words, mainly because that’s a big round number; I’ll stop when the story is done being told. To complete a manuscript that large in the time alloted me, I will have to write approximately 1000 words a day on this project if I hope to remain on schedules. The final book may end up being quite a bit shorter or longer than that; I will not know until I get there.

Meanwhile, I’ve got two general ed classes I’ve got to get out of the way for graduation requirements that each seem to think they should be the center of my universe. I suppose that in this context they can stand in for my day job as a frustrating distraction from what’s important.

Oh well.


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