It’s D&D!

September 25, 2007

So apparently there is a D&D club here at UCSC this year. I was on the lookout for the anime club, but couldn’t find them, so I checked out the Dungeon Association. Now I’ve wanted to get into tabletop RPGs for a while now, but every time I tried I just couldn’t find a group. I mentioned this to the club orgainizers and they said that solving that problem was exactly what the club was for. So game on! I finally get to finish by Geek Certification, having done anime, video games, and now tabletop RPGs.

They even ran a little sample game right there at the booth, which was pretty fun until the second half of our party showed up. I got the feeling that they were “regulars” and they were also not inclined to take the game seriously at all. And by that, I don’t mean that I wanted them to be super in character jerk-offs or vicious rules lawyers, or people who take it so seriously that they forget to have fun. What I mean is that they weren’t approaching the game on it’s own level; they insisted on being above it, coolly dismissive of any notion that they might treat this world of make believe as being even remotely important, even for just a quarter of an hour.

The bard couldn’t have a conversation or answer a question without blasting a power chord on his lute to accompany his hair metal band-esq answer, and the monk did backflips and hand stands just because he could while throwing shuriken at anything and everything for no reason at all. Spot check? Listen check? That’s for wimps. Just attack whatever you’re curious about to see if it does anything. A mysterious mutant blob jumps out and attacks one of our party members, but we notice it has bits of what appear to be chocolate in it; the bard and monk both decide that this clearly means it should be eaten. Every time I tried to engage with the game, one of these two players would subvert my efforts and shut them down by engaging in some ridiculous jerk ass behavior, the kind that in any internally self-consistent world would kill a person before they were experienced enough to even be considered level 1.

So, I don’t want to play with these two guys. I am hoping that enough people show up that I can be in a different group. They seemed to have enough people sign up that I should have no problem with that. We shall see how this plays out. It should be fun.



  1. I call those people “powergamers” and I refuse to let powergamers into my games. I tell my players that if they turn into a powergamer, I will repeatedly kill any character they bring to the table.

  2. Where/When does this D&D club meet and are they still accepting new members? I’ve been looking for something to do around campus, and have always wanted to give D&D a try though I know relatively little about it.

    (Your blog came up when googling D&D + UCSC)

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