Settling In

September 24, 2007

So it’s move in time here at UCSC, and everybody is scrambling to get their ducks in a row before classes start. There are always plenty of orientations and town hall meetings to go to, but I’ve decided to blow them off. I’m a rebel that way.

I’m in one of the super mega awesome Stevenson apartments this year. My room is nice, but narrow. The bed is oriented so that the head is against the left wall and the foot is against the right wall. And I mean against both walls. It is too narrow to spin the bed into facing another direction. I can pull it back twoards the door, or push it back against the wall, but that’s as much control over it as I have. I’m waiting for somebody from maintenance to come over and help me disassemble it and reposition it how I want. Also, my light burned out, so my options for illumination are sketchy at best.

My roommates are all pretty nice, but I won’t say much about them.

My big concern right now is that I’m not sure I’ll be able to have both my computer and my TV in my room. Maybe that will be healthy for me, but I really don’t want to have to worry about missing a Daily Show or Battlestar Galactica because somebody else was hogging the tube.

Oh well. It’s a room, and it’s all mine.


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