Quick! Somebody Coin This Term!

September 24, 2007

Every so often during my eternal slog across the Internet, I come across a delightful sort of post or article which brings into perfect focus for me a concept which up until that moment I did not even recognize as a force in my life, despite being vaguely aware that something was going on. Often this takes the form of explaining the idea behind a concept whose effects I had been struggling to understand and quantify.

And this is one such gem.

I think there’s an idea here without a clear term to point to it: ideologies that require or encourage a kind of willful ignorance. Those can be cured, but only by breaking with the ideology.

Frex, a lot of economic determinists (Marxists and neoclassical economists) seem to have the idea that they don’t need to know much about the world to understand it, because their economic models give them the fundamental insights.

It’s just like feeling the cool water of clarity poured onto your brain, isn’t it?

Now all we (by which I mean you) need to do is come up with a name for this kind of ideology, so that I can steal it and take credit for it.

The first one that comes to my mind is a combination of the ancient Greek terms for enemy or adversary with the words for knowledge or detail, but I don’t speak ancient Greek so I can’t do that one.

Maybe “detailaphobic”?


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