Grist For The Paranoia Mill

September 18, 2007

One of the real problems with struggling against our steady decline into a police state is that periodically those of us who support not being oppressed have to rush to the defense of idiots like this one:

Now the way the police treated him is unforgiveable and should cost them all their badges. He was doing nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong. He wasn’t being disruptive to the point where he should have been evicted, and even if he had been, that does not justify the use of a taser, which is not meant to enforce simple compliance but rather is designed to be an alternative to killing people.

But I have to say, this guy showed an incredible degree of self-righteous idiocy. He didn’t actually seem to want to hear answers from Kerry, but rather just rant at him. Dear God, man, have some dignity! If the people of this country are ever going to be united against a power-drunk government, we will need orators who inspire and enlighten people, not students who damage the legitimacy of their own cause with self-absorbed “gotcha” theatrics. What was the point of that Skull & Bones question? Was this guy trying to imply that Kerry threw the election? By bringing that line of questioning up in that context, this student helps reinforce a media-driven narrative that anyone who questions the legitimacy of the 2004 election is a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Oh, and Mr. Kerry, the way you continued answering this question without making any suggestion to the cops about how they might want to stop urinating all over the Constitution? Real classy.



  1. After watching this a bunch of times I have to disagree. The guy was being disruptive enough to be envicted (he was so over the top I have to wonder if he wasn’t looking to be tossed)and up until he started shoving the cops, jumping up and down, and making breaks for it, they did not get unjustifiably rough. Once he started getting physical (not dangerous mind you, but enough to fit squarely in the Resisting Arrest mold) the cops took him down, which again is in their rights. As for the taser, the fact is you can hear in the video them warn the guy twice that if he does not turn over and lay on his stomach that he will be tased, and they gave him time to comply. It was only when he tried again to stand up that they zapped him. If they had done so without warning or provication, I would be pissed, but here it seems that they were operating withing the letter of the law.

    If I were them would I have listend to Kerry and just let the whacko finish his question? Yeah. Do I think they were “urinating all over the Constitution”? Call me a fascist, but no.

  2. Okay, ya fascist.

    The taser is meant as an alternative to shooting somebody. It can, and often does, inflict lasting or even permanent injuries upon its targets. At the time they tased him, he was sitting under a dog pile of 5 cops or so, and wasn’t a threat to anybody. Yeah, it’s fine to take him off the mic, but tasing him is simply disgusting. It is just slightly better than shooting him in the back of the head. It doesn’t matter if he wasn’t doing what they were telling him to. Unless he was a threat, it is a horrific instance of excessive force.

    EDIT: While playing TF2, I came across an amusingly named player calling himself “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” A good laugh was had by all.

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