Evangelion Drops to #2 at Japanese Box Office

September 11, 2007

According to Anime News Network, who in turn say they got it from Kogyo Tsushinsha, the new Evangelion movie, Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not] Alone dropped from the #1 spot it took upon opening last weekend. Apparently it was displaced from its rightful spot at the top of the world by a movie called H..O (I think).

It’s a bit disturbing to see a movie I want to succeed so badly drop out of the lead in a single week, and I blame this directly on whoever in the distribution company made the decision to run the film on only 84 screens. 84 screens is tiny. If Japan was also tiny, I could understand. But it isn’t. It has almost 130 million people.

I can only hope that somebody is busting their ass to get more copies of the film out as soon as possible. Somebody else than the person who made the 84 screen call in the first place, I mean. That person needs to be fired.


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