You Magnificent Bastards

September 6, 2007

I ran across this story on Kotaku and immeidately burst out laughing. The short version is that when a user asked if his little brother could activate BioShock on a separate account on the same computer it was originally installed on, would that count against the 5 included activations that come with the game. Allegedly, 2K, the game’s publisher responded with a truly impressive feat of assholery, writing “The other way to view this, is one USER has purchased the game. Not the whole family. So why should your brother play for free?”

Now 2K has responded that the dickhead who wrote this was not, emphasize not, an employee of 2K, but merely a subcontractor, and that the incident is being investigated. It sounds like pretty standard corporate ass covering, but I’d like to believe that this is in fact a brilliant viral marketing ad. How better to get people talking about a game set in a failed capitalist dystopia inspired by the ravings of Ayn Rand (again, stay tuned for more about this) then by acting like the most annoying kind of corpro-thug imaginable? I mean of all games to pull this stunt on, it fits BioShock all too well. Now it would seem unimaginable that an organization would perpetrate a fraud that deliberately makes them look bad, but it is always important to keep in mind that the ideas hatched on boardrooms seldom seem to come from the same planet as the rest of us.


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